About the Cover

The Background Art for this blog is also on the cover of this book.

The cover of Sign Language was designed by Mark Sequeira/MJA Studios Gilbert Arizona. Mark has designed 4 of RainSong’s CD jackets and is a good friend.

The art is from a series of paintings called “Forgiveness” from the artist Kristen Lee Rahner from Anaheim California. Used by Permission.

The title of the painting is “Ground Breaking”

Artists Comments: It is about the Black Hills area in South Dakota and how this sacred land was stolen from the Lakota people then used to erect a massive idol depicting the USA’s former Presidents carved into the side of the mountain. It depicts Mt Rushmore with a Lakota man named Chief Hollow Horn Bear in full regalia. The ex-presidents all have big tears on their faces. George Washington has an enormous crack down his forehead and all of them have a rich deep blood red color on the top of their heads representing the blood of the Indians being on the government’s head!

About the Artist

Kristen Rahner lives in Southern California. She is a busy mom to three children as well as a business owner, poet and painter. She has dabbled in all forms of creativity since childhood where she would spend countless hours outside in nature then develop elaborate stories and poems about her experiences there. In high school Kristen began delving into oil painting and creating found object art. She has been steadily engaging in both since then.

In 2003 Kristen read a book by Richard Twiss called “One church many tribes.” She believes she was given a vision to paint what that book meant to her as well as the concept or need for national repentance towards her Native brothers and sisters. Since the beginning our forefathers mistreated and abused First peoples and others of different cultures for the advancement of “white culture”. There seemed to be and sadly still is, an attitude of superiority that prevails.

She has painted five out of seven paintings as of 2011. Each painting measures six feet by four feet. All of them are unique but with the central theme of asking forgiveness while drawing light to some of the atrocities committed against our Native brothers and sisters. We are all beautiful and unique creations of God! Kristen wishes to celebrate this fact through her art.

She can be reached by email at: You can also go to the web page illuminousstudio on facebook to view the complete series of paintings as well as other pieces of artwork.

Kristenleerahnerguzman on Facebook


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