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Terry Wildman was born and raised in lower Michigan west of Lansing.  He is of Ojibwe (Chippewa) and Yaqui ancestry.  Terry spends his time as a recording artist and engineer, songwriter, storyteller, speaker and now as an author.

He is available as a speaker for seminars, conferences, churches, and more.

As RainSong, he and his wife Darlene can bring Native American style original music to your powwow, gathering, church meeting or conference.

Terry is the “Chief” of Rain Ministries, a non-profit organization, that is based in Arizona.

Since the year 2000 as “RainSong” he and his wife Darlene have invested their lives, full-time, sharing the message of Jesus with Native Americans. They have produced four music CD’s, Sacred Warrior, Rising Sun, Rise Up and Dance and Hoop of Life. Their music style is a folk-rock blend with Native American instruments and melodies.

In 2004 RainSong was nominated for a Grammy award and two Nammy awards.  In 2005 they won the “American Christian Music Award” for the category of “Favorite Band/Duo – Breakout”.

In 2008 at the Native American Music Awards they were nominated for the “Best Song of the Year,” for the song All Colors Together, and for “Best Gospel Recording” for their CD Rise Up and Dance.  Terry and Darlene were presenters that year at the awards ceremony held in Niagara Falls.

They also produced storytelling CD with music called “The Great Story from the Sacred Book.” This CD won the Nammy (Native American Music Award) for “Best Spoken Word” in 2009.

We are dedicating our time and the gifts Creator has given us to serve the First Nations People of North America. We are working and praying for reconciliation, with dignity and harmony restored to individuals, families, clans, and tribal nations.  

We believe that the message of Creator’s Son Jesus is for all people and will transform the lives of all who follow him.  But we also believe that the message must be embraced within the context of every culture to be effective.


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