Dancing My Dream by Warren Petoskey

01 Aug

Warren Petoskey, Odawa/Lakota Elder

I would like to introduce you to, my friend and co-laborer, Elder Warren Petoskey. I first met Warren few years back when we facilitated the “Seeking Common Ground” meetings at Indian River Michigan in partnership with the “Strait Gate House of Prayer”. He joined us there and was an amazing blessing as he brought his wisdom and experience to the circle.

Warren is a descendant of Chief Petoskey whom the city of Petoskey Michigan was named after. He and his wife Barbara travel in a small motor home connecting with Tribes and churches raising awareness of the residual effects of Residential Indian Schools on today Native populations.

He wrote an important book called “Dancing My Dream” a few years back. This book is available at and is well worth reading. It is full of poetry, storytelling, information about the Michigan Indians, and tells of the historic impact of the Residential Boarding Schools on his own family and on Indian people as a whole.

Dancing My Dream Available on

You can click on the image of the book here to view more information on Warren is available as a public speaker at your church, school, conference or gathering. You can contact him by email at

Recently Warren wrote a review on my book, Sign Language: A Look at the Historic and Prophetic Landscape of America. I am including his review below.

I am, Warren Petoskey, an Odawa/Lakotah Elder. I am minister, writer, storyteller, Native Artisan, singer, guitar and flute player and a presenter regarding the issues of historical trauma that continue to plague our Native populations. At one time I was considered one of a very few who worked as a counselor and consultant in the field of historical trauma residuals. I was privileged to meet Terry and his lovely wife, Darlene, a couple of years ago and we have remained in contact since. I was aware at the time that Terry was writing a book and even heard excerpts from it when we met. Now, to have the finished work I consider it a great advance in presenting what the issues are. It is a promotion in the effort to address history from a Native’s perspectives.This book will be an addition to any library and will help every human being better understand what Native people experienced and how we perceive American history. “Sign Language: A Look at the Historic and Prophetic Landscape of America” is one of the finest pieces I have read. It is prophetic in the sense of the book’s arrival at this time in our history.

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One response to “Dancing My Dream by Warren Petoskey

  1. Jane Wells

    August 2, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    Hi Terry,
    I work with Warren at his publishing house and everything you say is true. He is a wonderful person through and through.
    Your review is very gracious and we’d like to feature it on the publishing house website promoting Warren’s book.
    We are also very interested in your voice and work and would like to feature you on our blog! Please contact me soon at authorjanewells at gmail dot com.
    Jane Wells


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