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Some might ask, Terry, what is your point? The past is the past. We can’t change it. Why stir these things up?

Well… someone might also ask the Prophets and Jesus the same question. The simple reply is because it is important to God! He has not forgotten the original Peoples of this land, and is not pleased with an attitude that would sweep it all under the carpet.

These things didn’t happen that long ago, even from a human perspective. But from God’s point of view, where a thousand years is a day and a day a thousand years, these things happened only hours ago. They are still fresh in his heart and mind. Every time we open our Bibles we are looking into the past. Jesus lived, died and rose again two thousand years ago but the impact of what he did is still fresh and with us today!

The purpose of this historical journey has not been to assign blame or guilt but to bring understanding and insight into the history of this land so that we can see the present more clearly, and participate with God in those things that further his love and kingdom. We need to be able to identify what, if any, responsibility we have today for the sins of our American ancestors–and be aware of the impact they have on all of us today!

God remembered the covenant Israel made with the Gibeonites and held Israel accountable to it even though that covenant was approximately 400 years old. After he became King, David provided restitution to the Gibeonites, even though he did not break the covenant. His predecessor King Saul broke it. The Gibeonites had tricked Israel into making this covenant to spare their lives, yet God still held Israel accountable to it. God even accepted the Gibeonites terms of the restitution, which was the death of Saul’s sons, and removed the famine that was a result of the broken covenant (2 Samuel 21:1-14).

God also remembers the many covenants made by the US Government and the people of that government—many made in his Name. How can we even imagine that he would not hold this nation accountable for the hundreds of treaties, which are covenants, broken with the Indians?

More to come…

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  1. Brian Watt

    February 7, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Let the conversation begin….


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