America’s Ancestor Worship – The Log in Our Own Eye (Part 2)

17 Jan

Even freedom can become an idol if we make that the ultimate goal, instead of serving God. Too many Christians equate democracy and capitalism with the Kingdom of God. The ideals of America are wonderful but many have allowed these ideals and good words to blind them to the reality of how America was really founded.

John James Barralet, "The Apotheosis of Washington" (1802-1816)

Consider this painting where George Washington is rising from the grave and ascending into heaven; painted in the early 1800s. Is that Native American worshiping? Mourning? Next to his casket. Washington’s arms are outstretched and angels lifting him to heaven. He is depicted here as risen from the grave and ascending into heaven–just like Jesus. Paintings and monuments like these offer a confusing mixture of Christianity and Freemasonry and promote “vain imaginations” and “lofty opinions” of America’s National identity.

We find many Bible verses quoted and carved into the walls of our nation’s halls, but in reality they stand as a testimony against us. Christians in America love to point out how Godly our nation was at it’s founding, but truthfully Christians were manipulated as our leaders quoted Scripture and wooed them with talk of righteousness, justice and equality. Could it be that America, as a nation, reflects the son in the parable of Jesus who says yes to his father but does the opposite?

Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.                 —1 Peter 2:16

Those in America who consider themselves followers of Jesus and his humility should be the ones to see these things clearly.

Lets open our eyes all the way and take an honest look at the tombstones that we have whitewashed!

It is time for the church in America to recommit itself to the holiness of the Kingdom of God. This will mean fully acknowledging our past and even current complicity with the sins of this nation. Then we can begin to move in a direction that is in alignment with God’s purposes.

But before we can do this we have to separate the Kingdom of God and the church from national America in our hearts and minds. We need to understand that the darkness of the world has always been a part of America. That our christianizing of America has created a form of syncretism between the gospel and this nation. We have polluted the purity of the Gospel message by linking it to our national agendas, blending church and nation.

This may be one of the main reasons so many Native Americans are unclear about the gospel and its message, and call Jesus “the white-man’s God”.

This form of “ancestor worship” that idolizes America and misrepresents the Gospel of Jesus needs to be turned away from. Perhaps the humility of repentance with the acknowledgment of the sins of the past and present could be part of the greatest witness the church in America could display in this generation.

The message preached is difficult for many Indians, and other groups, to hear because it is laced with the history and actions of believers who represent a fallen nation more than they represent the Jesus of Scripture. When believers defend the injustices of the past or present, rather than expose them, the witness of Jesus in compromised.

As Darlene and I lived for over five years with the very traditional Hopi Indians we began to view the actions of the church from another perspective. This greatly humbled us and helped us realize how great the damage has been.

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One response to “America’s Ancestor Worship – The Log in Our Own Eye (Part 2)

  1. henryfrueh

    December 30, 2012 at 9:08 am

    The earthly freedoms are a two edged sword. They can open doors for evangelism, but when the church becomes enamored with them they become stumbling blocks. The Chinese church reveals just how compromising nationalism has been in America.


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