Star of Wonder–A Sign Not to Miss!

21 Dec

There is something that amazes me about the Christmas story, one thing I never grow tired of contemplating—how God humbled himself and became a human being.

The Sacred Book says it like this.

 “He became a human being and lived as one of us. We saw how honorable he was, the kind of honor that comes from being an only son to a father, one who is fully trusted and favored.”    

John 1:14

I am captivated by the implications of this immense thought… that the Creator would become a creation… that the Author would become the story…that the Eternal would become mortal… that the Almighty would become weak…that the All Knowing would become a student… that the Father would become a child…

What a mysterious way for God to show His glory, in the weakness of human flesh!

He came to serve not to be served; the King became a peasant. He faced the temptation of breaking His own laws; the Law Maker became the law keeper. He gave His life on behalf of all mankind; the Living One became dead.

The One who created human eyes shed human tears.

I can’t take it all in, can’t quite get my mind fully around it… it’s like a “Star of Wonder”!

“Even though He considered himself to be who He was, the Creator, He lowered Himself to become a human being, like one of us. He made Himself to be a humble servant of all.” Philippians 1: 5-8

“During the days Jesus walked among us as a human being, he prayed to the Great Spirit for help, with tears and loud cries. Creator was the only one who could rescue him from death. His prayer was heard because of his great respect and fear. Even though he was Creator’s son, he still had to learn, through suffering, how hard it is to walk the Good Road.” Hebrews 5:7-8

There are many ways to think about who the Creator is and what He is like.

I have found that seeing God in the face of Jesus… works for me!

That’s how I see Christmas.

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