Black Friday Fever

30 Nov

I just read a post by Jeremy John on the Sojo Blog called “Black Friday the Anti-Thanksgiving”. He advocates that we should boycot that day in the future. I think I agree with him.  But he struggled to offer an alternative. So I responded to his blog with the following information, which I am sharing here.

Most people today have forgotten that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated with the Native Americans who came to the rescue of the perishing pilgrims. It doesn’t surprise me today that the day after the US Holiday called Thanksgiving is followed by unbridled greed. It sort of mirrors what happened in history as the Pilgrims and settlers greedily devoured the resources and land belonging to the Native Americans. Generations of this mindset and practice are catching up with us and exposing what has always been a part of the American experience.

One alternative to Black Friday would be to honor and recognize the already US designated “Native American Heritage Day”. The day after Thanksgiving was designated this a few years ago because there was no official US Holiday recognizing the Native Americans.

What if on this day we could reconnect in our communities with those who first gave meaning to this land?

Miigwech Bizandowiyeg (Thanks for listening)




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