Sign Language is in Production!

17 Nov

Yesterday I reviewed the proof and approved it. I have ordered 300 books for the first printing. Retail price will be $18 but we will sell it on our website and at events for $15. We will also be offering discounts for bulk orders.  If you are interested in a bulk order of 10 or more please contact us at for pricing.

We anticipate this book will spur many churches and other organizations to get involved with reconciliation in their own communities. It will challenge some people’s view of the foundations of America, but this is needed for our Nation and its churches to move forward toward God’s purposes.

The Kingdom of God supersedes our nationalistic agendas and patriotic feelings. Lets let our beliefs be grounded in truth rather than comfortable myths.

Please recommend this blog to anyone you think might be interested.

And buy some books!

Miigwech bizandowiyeg (thanks for listening),

Terry M. Wildman


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