Final Stages

28 Oct

Some are asking, “when will your book be done?” I have been feeling the same way, asking myself the same question. Maybe moving to Arizona in the middle of editing slowed things down a little?

You think?

Well, we are now settled in with 80 percent of our boxes unpacked and our house is becoming a home! We are now living in Maricopa Arizona.

Darlene and I have spent the last few days scouring over the book, rewriting, editing, correcting and adding new info.

I think we are done.

I am in the middle of setting up an account with the printer and this book should be in production by next week by November 1st.  The cover is done, the PDF for the print copy is 95% complete.


Get the word out and invite your friends and others to sign up for this blog.  This is where most of the information about the book will be discussed and the ongoing story told.  Broadcast it on your Facebook page and on your email list (if you have one).  We sure appreciate your help and friendship.

I am hoping for a NOVEMBER 25TH RELEASE DATE.  THAT IS “NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE DAY”, an official US holiday.

Thanks for listening,


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